20 Qualities My Ideal Boyfriend Should Possess

This basically is for fun…but wouldn’t it be great to find someone like this eyy? The list is in no particular order.

1. God-fearing.
I know this sounds cliche but its the most important thing really.

2. Must have a job –
Reasons? Well….its quite obvious.

3. Must be bighearted –
Stingy guys are a big turn-off!. I don’t expect you to be my Daddy. But I expect a good gift from you on my b-day, vals, new year, Christmas, anniversary, new month. Take me on fancy dates and shii Spend what you can afford, I understand.


4. Must be attentive & Understanding –
When I’m sad. You should know. When I’m disgusted, you should know. Don’t ask me…..’what’s your grandmother’s name again’ , when I told you last year.

5. Should be humble –
I hate proud people. I don’t care how much you are worth, you should respect others.

6. Should be lowkey on social media –

You should be busy, whats your business with social media? Twitter is prohibited. Facebook…well ok. Instagram, if you will like only my pictures. Fine.

7. Should be tall, dark & handsome –


For the record, I’m a sucker….sucker! For TDH guys.

8. Must not be clingy –
Over emotional & clingy, big No-No. Leave that shit attitutde to me.

9. Should make me his bestfriend & confidant –
What am I here for? To be your friend, bestie, adviser, confidant & everything. He should be able to let me in on whatever bothers him.

10. Should be an Arsenal or Manchester united Fan –
Preferably Manchester united. I’m a Chelsea Fan….I love competition. Can’t date a fellow mate.

11. Should not ignore me when playing FIFA –
This thing is painful! I know you are with your guyz but….remember I’m there. Wink at me every 10mins. Ya know.

12. Must Love Perfumes –


Perfumes are my expensive obsession. I love me a guy that smells good.

13. Should not have any fixation with his Ex –


If possible, don’t have an Ex. If you do, don’t remember her first name. If you care so much, go & be with her.

14. Should hate cartoons as much as I do –
I don’t care if its south park or family guy. Just forget those things.

15. Must not be a mummy’s boy –
Love your mother, love your parents. But I mean, not everytime….my mummy said….my mummy has…..my mummy did….my mummy is….I have a mummy too!

15. Must be caring, thoughtful & interested in my life –
My goals, my aspirations, my weakness, what makes me happy. You should care.

16. Must respect me –
If you can’t respect me. You can’t love me. Disrespect & I leave.

17. Must be a man of principle –
This includes, honesty, self control, a guy that says & means.

18. Calls me –
Fuck it, I’m oldschool. Don’t text or ping me everyday. Dial my number & call me!

19. Has to be intelligent –
How would we communicate, if he is not? Should be smart enough to hold an ingenous conversation. Someone I can learn something new from everyday. 

20. Should not own a dog –


For the sake of my sanity. Keep those things away! I hate them, in my defense…they hate me too.

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