Short Story; Kiss, Date And The Taxi.

This story is a commingle of fiction and true life. Read, enjoy and share your comments on the flip side.


OrileOyinbo! Orile….Oyinbo!
Oyinbo, how much?’
Oyinbo 100naira, hold your change o!

Struggling with the bustle of getting into a bus in lagos and keeping your makeup on is quite a task. Regardless, I had to. I am seeing my boyfriend Shoga, at E-centre, Yaba today. Its our third date since we started dating two month ago.
Butterflies in my stomach, body covered in chills, the feelings I get when I think about seeing him again. I can’t explain these feelings, a part of me swears not to like him that much. Perhaps, because he is not so good looking.

As I approached E-centre, I could see Shoga already waiting for me. He wore a blue shirt and black material pants. My heart started beating faster, he was staring…..and smiling.
Hi Shoga‘,
Hi Sweetness‘….he said as he grabbed and hugged me.

We got to the third fall, I picked a movie and we went in.
The movie was over under three hours, we were the last to get out of our sits. As we approached the door, he turned, held me close to him…and asked….’can I kiss you?’
I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. Were the words on my mind. But my mouth settled for
Yes, you can’

He leaned in closer….as I shut my eyes. I felt his tongue part my lips. I squeezed them in disgust as I felt his saliva. He rolled his tongue and pushed his lips into my mouth. After about 30 secs, I pushed back and walked out of the door, he followed. Neither of us said a word as we walked outside. He stopped a cab,
Mile 2‘….Shoga told the driver.
2000naira‘, he replied.
I got in….he gave me the: ‘I will call you later‘ sign with his hands, waved and the driver drove off.

The kiss crossed my mind….I wanted to sink in and think, decide if I liked it or not. I couldn’t. I had a big problem. I was in a cab. Taxi! 
I only had 200naira in my purse.

Oga, please drop me at Sabo‘ I said with my voice trembling.

‘Sabo? No be mile you sey you dey go?’

‘I am sorry, I just remembered I have to pick something up’

Okay, pay me 1000naira, make I drop you

1000naira? From E-centre to Sabo. Oga, fear God. Please I don’t have that amount. 200naira is all I have. I beg you, please.

I kept on begging him, He kept on driving. He stopped at Oyinbo. Collected the 200naira. I got out of the cab.
Thank you sir, Thank you sir’. almost kneeling.
He eyed me without hiding his contempt. As he was about to drive off …he shouted
All these Lagos girls, gbogbo fake live ti e n live yi!’
Gbogbo fake life ti e n live yi!

Ohh…I wanted to talk back, shout back.
I just couldn’t. I had a bigger problem.
How wilI I get home?
Standing there, lost in thought, watching everyone pass by, hoping to see someone I know.

Beep! My phone buzzed. It was a text from Shoga….
How was the kiss?’

You are asking me about kiss! Why did you stop a cab, when you did not intend to pay for it?!

Your Comments are appreciated.


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