Short Story : Suite X


The night was dark and stormy, rain fell in torrents. I could hardly sleep. I kept tossing and turning. I anticipated morning anxiously.

After dating online for three months. I was finally seeing him. My heart beemed with joy. I could feel butterflies in my stomach.
Beep!’ I heard the sound I awaited. I jerked from my bed and plopped down close to my laptop.

The message read: ‘Suite X. I will send a driver‘.

I got into the shower, freshened up, wore my newly bought LBD. Its from LDA’s latest collection. I had PokelloPinkBottom shoes to go with it. Sprayed my special occasioned perfume ‘Beyonce Pulse‘.

Admiring how incredibly beautiful I looked in the mirror, I thought of what to expect today. I have no idea who this guy really is. We met on a dating site. We haven’t disclosed personal information to eachother, except I gave him my home address yesterday; so he could pick me up. He is mysterious which makes him interesting. I have a long list of what to ask him. Today, we tell it all. Hahahaha. I can’t wait.

Pimmmmmm’ I heard a horn right outside my house. Had to be the car. With haste, I picked up my purse, locked up my doors.
The driver was coperately dressed, he opened the car and signaled I get in, he closed the door and bowed.
Wow, I am not a Queen‘. I almost blurted.

The journey was never ending. Felt like I was travelling to another state. Two hours and we still weren’t there? Naa, no traffic. The roads were free. I couldn’t even recognise where we were. The driver guy made too many turnings. I would ask
Aren’t we there yet?’ ‘When do we get there?’.

All he does, is look me through the mirror, place his right hand on his chest moving it up and down. Meaning, ‘calm down‘.
I was getting pissed but mostly, I was afraid.

Jiggling my legs impatiently, The car finally came to a stop, the driver pointed at a huge black Gate that had ‘Suite X‘,  boldly written on it.

He awaits you‘ He managed to say.

So you can talk‘ I wondered.

‘Alright, Thank you.’ I replied.

I walked towards the gate, I inspected the surroundings. Something didn’t feel right.

You are just being nervous‘. I convinced myself.

Just as I was about to push the gate, It opened up. Hmm, automatic. This guy really has eye for the fancy huh. I walked in expecting a modern well structured building. Where I was or what I saw, would rather be best described as a nightmare.
It was an alley with Hills, grasses, thorns. On the grasses were blood stains and decayed dead bodies. A stench smell that was almost like a physical force, thick and horrid, smacked against my nose. I tried to move but my legs were stiff, I could feel my blood drying up, my muscles more rigid than an early morning boner, I wanted to scream and shout, but it felt like my throat had been blocked by an under-developed Adam’s apple. I felt dampness from my palms & legs, beads of sweat pouring down my face.

Trembling stealthily, I mustered courage and began to walk, my eyes looking right above, I could feel my legs clenching to the dead bodies as I walked, my hands holding onto my breast like it’s my greatest possesion, squeezing my tummy in like it can repel a bullet. My heart almost stopped beating when I heard a croaky voice behind me. My heart heaved up and down heavily, still looking straight ahead. I was hoping the ground will open up and swallow me.
Not minding if hell is beneath. The same voice came again, this time, it was closer. Before I could take a second breathe…I saw an old woman with a hunched back staring at me through those faint-almost invisible blue eyes that neither moved nor blinked. She had spongy hair, pale dark skin, her lips as wide as Brandy Norwood’s forehead. I was studying her face when I realised she had her hands on me, her long dry fingers pierced my skin. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out, my throat felt like an empty glass. She took her hands off me and said
You fell for his charm too huh?’

I did not understand what she meant, I just kept looking straight into her eyes, they were as blue as the sky, bright as the sun & soft as silk. Even though, they seemed like she had been crying for ages.

She continued, ‘I have been here for as long as I remember. I was his first. I have witnessed him kill over a hundred. I keep waiting for my day’

Who is he? What is she talking about? Could the man I was in love with be a killer? A cold shiver slid up my spine, I couldn’t think straight, my brain seemed to have shut down. I looked down to ask the old woman who she was talking about…but she was gone.

I began walking along the path, determined to find her, ‘she is old, she can’t walk too fast nor run. She must be close-by‘ I thought.

The eerie silence was shattered by the scream of a woman. Hurriedly, I ran towards the voice, not minding if I was running into a trap. I saw a woman lying on the grass, blood  had covered her upper body. I got closer and realised it was the old woman I was searching for. She had wounds over her face like she had been struggling with a lion. I bent to lift her head to my laps, she was dead, I was certain.
Tears streamed down my cheeks. I was hoping to talk more with her, I wanted to ask her so much. I wanted us to fight together but she was gone.

My attention was diverted to a crooked  figure I saw in a distance. It was the physique of a man walking towards me…It was getting closer. Startled, My legs swung into action, I didn’t know where I was going, I just knew I had to get away. I kept on running even though I knew I was far from escape. My legs began to get weary and tired, I could barely feel them. My chest getting tighter, I was losing my breathe, It felt like my eyes were rolling in their sockets…I kept on struggling, until I was stroked down by a hard structure that lay on the grass. It seemed like a skeleton. I tried to look down and examine what it was, but I saw the same figure I was running away from, right in front of me.

Staring, It was the same eyes I longed to look into, the same broad shoulders I had imagined cuddling in, the same smooth dark skin.
He had moved closer, he had his arms around me….I didn’t fight, I didn’t move. It felt right, I wanted to put my arms around him too & kiss those well proportioned virile lips of his. Then he spoke, the same husky & fruity voice I listened to all day through my computer. He said
Don’t get too comfortable, you will be next.


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