Pandora’s Ponders : Why you should trash your Ex.

I woke up to a text from my ex-boyfriend. We’ve been apart for 13months. The text read :

‘Pls I need to talk to you. I am so sorry. I need to apologise, can we see?‘.



I ‘Loooooool’ again.

Y’all have guts. Damn!

You want to apologise? After 13months. Are you mad?
You hurt, ruptured & even practically but thankfully only temporarily destroyed my heart, my mind & my trust.

You left me in a twinge & picked up your next pawn. What were you thinking then? I wasn’t good enough?

Exes have a way of finding their way back into your life when you’ve learnt to live without them.

Studies shows they come back either for forgiveness or for a second chance.
I don’t care what the reason is. What I can tell you is, never take your ex back. You only will be moving your life backwards.
One thing about relationships, if it doesn’t work the first time….It most likely wouldn’t, the second
time. (This is my theory).

When your Ex comes back calling. Especially a bad one. Run! Don’t be ashamed. Don’t try to prove anything. Just run! Just like I’m doing.

Or you can chill…..pick him up & toss him in the bin. Or flush him down where shit belongs.

This is Rage!


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