Foodie Fantasy : My Top 9 Nigerian Foods.

I’m a junk mistress! Top class Food Enthusiast too. I love Nigerian Foods & here are my top 9.

9. Gala & Lacasera –

These two are a match made in Heaven. Soulmates, bestfriends, Lovers! Most eaten traffic/ road food. The romantic dynamism between these two is magical and unexplainable.
Cheap and very filling.

8. Nkwobi –

One saturday afternoon, my besite & I were studying. When one of our housemates walked in, she had a cooler in her hand. She called us to join in.
In my mind I was like, ‘Abeg, when did you ever offer us something? Leave us’.
But hunger was in, so we moved closer.
She opened the cooler & said ‘this is Nkwobi’.
Ladies & Gentlemen, I ate this food & I never remained the same. If you haven’t ever eaten it. Please, please, try it out today.

7. African Salad –

A good combination of Abacha & Ugba. Garnished with ponmo, fish, meat & whatever you choose. As a food enthusiast, I tried this sometime last year & not looked back since then. Loveee. This food is mostly eaten in the Eastern part of Nigeria as a meal or snack.

6. Banga Soup –

Made from Palm Kernel. Banga is one of the most soothing and flexible soups ever. Can be eaten with rice, yam, pounded yam, starch, semovita and so on. I have to warn though, the procedure is tedious!

5. Vegetable Soup / Afang / Efo riro –

I love veg soup. Its totally healthy.
I have never eaten Afang, but I know its a bit like veg soup & this list is incomplete without it.
Efo riro on the other hand, is my soup! My Bae! Very much like veg soup, its very nutritious and delicious. I tasted this too sometime last year, & I can’t believe my Mum made me grow up without this soup. Its amazing, I tell you!

4. White Rice / Fried rice –

Photo Cred : Afrolems, Wives connect

White rice and stew is one of the most eaten but underrated foods in Nigeria. Easy to prepare, tasty to eat. Almost every Nigerian home have White rice for lunch on Sundays. I love my white rice and stew with beef. Although Chicken and any other meat goes well.
Fried rice is classy & rich. Fried rice well cooked can take you to Heaven & back!

3. Jollof rice –

Photo Cred : Dobbys Signature

Jollof rice…..scratch that! ALMIGHTY JOLLOF RICE!
Jollof rice is that food that will make you do things you never thought you could. When you crave jollof rice, pride is hidden. You will go any lenght for jollof rice.
Why do people show up at parties uninvited? Jollof Rice.
If you attend a Nigerian party and jollof isn’t served. Run for your life! Its unreal!
Best jollof rice are the ones cooked on firewood (party jollof rice)

Photo Cred : BuzzNigeria

The taste is tremendously different and more spectacular than those cooked on Gas,stove or Charcoal. Although, they taste lovely too.
Jollof rice is magic to the soul, Jollof rice heals a broken heart, Jollof rice is an emotion, Jollof rice is…..if you haven’t eaten Jollof rice. You can’t understand. Its pure heaven.

2. Pounded Yam –

Photo Cred : Supplied

This is the most respected food in Nigeria. The way I see it, it is disrespectful to eat this food while sitting. You gotta be on your knees to show appreciation.
Pounded Yam can be served with Vegetable, Ogbono, Efo Riro and a whole other soups. But I love mine best with Egusi! Best combo ever! Everrrrrrrr!
Egusi soup is made from ground melon seeds. For a magical and rich taste, Bless it up with hearty chuncks of meat! Crayyy.

1. Garri –

Garri can be served as a dough and eaten with various soups and stews. Or as a snack best eaten with groundnut or fried titus fish.
Many people will frown at Garri being number 1 & thats only because they are fake and ungrateful human beings.

Garri is NOT JUST a food, its a COMPANION. Garri has and will be there for you when nothing else will. Your store will be emptied but garri will remain.

The chances of finding garri in a Nigerian home either rich or poor is 97.5%.
Garri makes itself available to whomever. The poor can’t do without it. And the rich, well…even with all the KFC & Dominos, you still crave and sneak to have some garri. Its only natural!

Garri is UNDERSTANDING! Was, Is And will Always understand.

I know it seems like I’m a hopeless foodie. Don’t worry, I don’t eat much. I just Lovee food! Who doesn’t?

What is your best Nigerian food?

Have a Food-Filled Day! XoXo:*


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