Poetry to me, has always been…. ‘dhflsndbrdixtyzz‘ Unexplainable.

I recently challenged myself to learn something new. Fortunately but somewhat unfortunately, Poetry was the first thing on my mind.

After weeks of studious confusion (If theres anything like that),
Here is my first attempt at poetry.
#NB : I wrote this within 15mins.




Damp and wet
My eyes resided.

Heavy and scared
My heart homed.

Lonely and Shuned
My body nursed.

Selfish and unconcerned
You left.
With your heart…….& mine too.

Why would you leave with my heart?

Texts and calls,
Disgust and disdain, you ignored.

Just a second and an ear, need.
I just want my heart back.

Charms with Charms
He walked past.
Tall, Dark, Handsome.
Named him ‘my charms’.

Suave but delicate
A good mix of all you are not.

Forehead kisses, passion & depth
All you couldn’t give.

Perfection and Peace,
Finally I find. In my charms.

Brain but no heart,
Butterflies not beats,
I love my charms, aware can’t feel.
Give me back my heart, so I can.

How do I love without a heart?
Give me back my heart, for I need to Love.

Desperation and Fire,
For I need my heart back.


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