Below My Sheets

I had a plan for valentine.

Tell Samira, I have urgent work to do.

Leave for ‘work’

Call Linda up

Take her somewhere chill (a place with a bed, obviously).

Buy her some gift and chocolates,
Get world class sex,

Return home to Samira and eat a meal of life.
Get sex too, well…..’Just Ok sex’.

I will get Samira a gift too. Her favorite Perfume and some fresh roses. She loves those!.

Yes, Samira is my wife. Don’t get me wrong, she is an amazing woman, beautiful (way more beautiful than linda, ey, that snake), she is also a great cook, & a published writer.

But I am human, insatiable and I have needs that can’t be met by my Lovely wife. So I have an official prostitute. (Don’t tell her I said that). But thats what she is.
She gives me sex, I give her money.

So yeah, that was my plan. But I woke up to something else. Something different,
Something I hadn’t felt in a while in this bed.
I was still in the middle of understanding what really was going on, but I could hear myself,
‘Aah, Fuck Babe,. Aah, Yes, Aah, Baby,’

She came from below the sheets, kissed me and said, ‘Happy Valentines Day, My Love’.

My eyes travelled with her body as she walked to the bathroom. She had on some red lingerie that made that ass poke.


‘Mahn, Look at my Baby’

I was still giggling when she came in.

‘Baby, whats your plan for today?

‘Ummm, I had work, but I will cancel.
I have this place I want to take you. You’ll love it.’

‘You taking me out Biodun? Hey, today is a good day.

‘It really is, my Love. It really is.

Lol. Just a short one to wish you’all a Happy Valentines Day.
Spread Love, cupcakes and Roses.


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