21 With An Attitude.

I turned 21 a few days ago. FINALLYYY.
It feels like I have been living this age for over 10years.

I googled what you should be like at 21. Here are some advise I liked.
1. Your twenties is not about making money, its about building relationships.

2. To succeed in your twenties, You need humility and grit.

3. Your twenties aren’t about perfection, your twenties is about process.

4. Stop worrying about how others see you, just be yourself. Fearlessly and unapologetically.

5. Go home at 2 a.m. Nothing good happens when you stay out after 2 am.

6. Travel. (If you can).

7. Take advantage of opportunities.


Here are some changes I noticed on turning 21.

I got darker. I blame this on the Northern sun I bustled in for months. My skin change doesn’t bother me as much as my lips does. I get this ‘Do you smoke’ question too many times And when I ask ‘Why’ they go….’Your lips’. 

Naa, I don’t smoke. I urgently need a remedy for dark lips. If you know any, please holla!

I also noticed commendable change in the size of my hips. I have never had hips. You can only imagine my excitement as I swung my new growth in the mirror.

In character, I have become more appreciative. I say thank you more than I should & I always repay favours. Always!

My fashion style has been limited to jeans, shirt & flats since forever (I am not a tomboy).
So I decided to turn it up a little. I traded my flats for some block heels. Still too early to be running around in pencil. This imitation leather strappy sandals from H&M did the trick. Comfortable and chic.


‘If you are angry, why don’t you just say it. How am I supposed to know what I did wrong? The way your mood changes is really annoying, you know’

Words of one very special someone.

Its about time I learnt standing up to people. You know, having this ‘Stay outta my lane, I bite’ attitude rather than bottling up & giving the silent treatment.

I am a sugar addict, a big one. I want to eat healthy, I need to eat healthy. I am dying. I need help.
I started my exercise routine sometime last year, I gave up after three weeks. Should begin again.

My birthday was quite chilled. I was overdosed on chocolate cake and orijin. Got so much love (which I honestly don’t deserve).


Very thankful for another fruitful year. I wish myself all I could wish myself and better.

And Happy birthday to my fav birthday mate, Emily Vancamp. Love that girl a lil too much.

Also, my bunkie & twinnie, Merit. <3.

21, I am ready for you. We move.


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