The Evil Spirit In Me


e: Hello? Hello? Mama can you hear me?

Mum : Yes, I can.  Where did you go to? I called your phone.

Me : I am sorry, I have been busy packing my stuffs. You know I am coming home next week.

Mum: Ehen, thats why I called. Can you make it tomorrow? I mean, can you come home tomorrow. Its quite urgent.

Me: Urgent? Is Daddy ok?! My siblings! are they fine?! Whats wrong?

Mum: Calm down, We are all fine. Its you I am bothered about. Please, be home tomorrow. Its important.


I strolled out of MMIA2 with my rayban sunglasses not minding that it was raining.
I looked dejected. My mum’s call had me disoriented & I had to cancel my first date with Jaiye (so annoying). Whatever my mum ordered this arrival for better be worth it.

At Home –

Mum- I called you home for a serious issue. I took some complaints about you to my Alfa and…..

Me- Complaints? What complaints?

Mum- Listen to me, that is where I’m getting to. I told him about your weird behaviour of staying alone & your new habit of keeping your hair without relaxer or combing.

Still staring at her, thinking about how worried I was yesterday & the date with Jaiye I was missing.

She continued,

‘I sha told him everything. He said you’r an OGBANJE. That the spirit is inside you’


‘He said I’m an ogbanje & you believed?’

‘Why wouldn’t I? Is he not a man of God? Do I know more than a man of God?’

She stood up & sat beside me placing her hands on my shoulder.

‘I know how hard it is to believe. But it explains alot about your weird behaviour…Me too I suspected. Anyway, he gave me some materials for a ritual you’ll have to perform. After that, you’ll be well.

Me – Go back to your Alfa and tell him that it is his children and generations that are ogbanje, not me & newflash! I ain’t peforming any ritual.

Mum- Ah! Oti o. I bought those things from him over 25,000. You will o! You will! If you’r not, why are you so different from all the children I gave birth to? why do you stay alone always? Why do you talk to yourself when you’r not mad? Edakun, why is your hair always in this state?

She screamed as she dragged my hair with both hands.

‘Infact he told me that spirit is inside this hair’ Ah! You’ll perform it o. Over perform sef’

Me – Have you ever heard of natural hair? & by the way, I didn’t send you to waste your money so thats your cross to carry.

I don’t think I have ever been as angry as I was that day. The fact that someone who hasn’t ever met your child will tell you something as ridiculous & you believed why? Because, ‘man of God’.

I believe in God, I believe in his messengers, I believe in his books but the world today, with so many fake prophets really, I don’t know.

Another annoying encounter I’ve heard….
When a man of God or a religious person tells you
‘Sister, I called you here today, because I saw a vision, the Lord showed me while in prayers that you are my wife.’

I have heard two of such & I just wonder why people use the name of God to lie! I mean, it can’t be me you saw bruv, I have my own vision & you are absolutely not in it.

Or when you go to your pastor/Imam with a woman/man you have courted for 5years & he tells you….‘I was praying, & I saw your fiance dressed in a red cloth chasing you. Brother, I can tell you for sure that woman is Jezebel, she is karashika. Run!

What do you do? Run? Take the risk & marry karashika? Or you call unto God yourself?

Mahn, I don’t know. I don’t know. Theres so much I don’t know/understand. But please people of the world, edakun stop lying with the name of the Lord. And to those that have let go of their glee because ‘the man of God’ told me so. Well, I don’t know.

May it be well with us all.

Have an evil-spirit free day. Lol.
Spread Love.


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