The Pencil: The Tool of Creation

This is a guest post written by Adedamola Okunbanjo.
It is deep! Love it.

God owns a pencil. And so does every
artiste. God wrote therefore he draws too.


I cannot begin to wonder what the
exercise of creation would be without God
using a pencil. It would not have been so
perfect. Every creator needs a pencil to
perfect their creation.
The pencil is the bringer of inspiration and
the mother of design. The pencil is like a
magic staff, hold it against a plain white
paper and you will be shocked at the
yearnings for creativity your heart will
suddenly develop. As J.A. Meyer once put
it “A pencil and a dream can take you
anywhere.” Map out your future with a
pencil and you can make all the
corrections you want.

Children when learning to use analytical
skills are taught everything with a pencil,
imagine if we went through life like that.
Pursue you dreams with a pencil and you
can keep evolving. IT IS YOU AND YOUR
God and his pencil: Till tomorrow he is still
drawing, no wonder the world keeps
evolving. He has not abandoned the piece
of art called Creation. DaVinci put it best
“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
But perfection is what God is after. So he keeps drawing.
Expanse of water have been erased and
beautiful islands have been drawn in their
place. Beauty lies in the heart of Him with
a pencil.
Everything is designed, take a look around
you and see for yourself, it all started with
a sketch, refined to a drawing, evolved into
a plan then developed to a product.
How I wish I never grew up, living the rest
of my life connected with the tool of
creation – the pencil. Lucky for me I grew
into a creative adult and the creative adult
is the child that never grew up. In my
sojourn as I graphics designer, I still have
my daily romance with my pencil. I love
you boo!
The pencil confirms to me I was born to
be creative. Ideas flow when I put my
pencil to paper than when I move my
cursor around my screen in futility trying
to fill the blank document in my view.

“What can a pencil do for all of us?
Amazing things. It can write transcendent
poetry, uplifting music, or life-changing
equations; it can sketch the future, give
life to untold beauty, and communicate
the full-force of our love and aspirations.”
– Adam Braun.

Adedamola Okubanjo B.Sc.

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