He Raped Me

He moved his hands to my left boobs as his mouth sucked on the right. ‘Crazy guy’ I thought. His touch was like none I’ve ever felt. I was sinking fast, funny because I only had the plan of ‘chilling’ before coming here.

He started moving his hands towards my jean…then my zipper. ‘Fred No! I don’t want sex’ I shouted.
‘Common, please just one round’

‘No, I don’t want sex Fred.
‘But I want it!’ He shouted back as he began to un zip my trousers.

‘Fred please, Fred please, Fred I beg you don’t.
With tears in my eyes, I begged, punched, kicked.

He finally tied my hands with my shirt he got off & tied them to the bed post.
Took off my panties, unzipped & made his way into me. Thrusting & thrusting….without any care about my tears. He didn’t even use protection.
He was done within 2mins.

‘I’m very sorry’ he finally said’.

Alright, that fiction. But it happenssss….everyday!

Rape is getting soo & too rampant especially on this side of the world. What are we doing wrong? What is happening? I honestly don’t know.

Below, I’ll be sharing four tips/way not to get raped.

1. Don’t Go To His House :
Its as simple as it sounds. You don’t want sex? Don’t go to his house. Hang out somewhere else.

2. Discourage Foreplay :
We need to understand that the male & female sexual organs differ, so does the arousal level. Even though studies show the arousal level’s quite same time. The physical response from men is way more intense. During this process, the brain is flooded with natural chemicals that act similarly to drugs such as cocaine.
Now imagine the way cocaine makes someone high. That’s what it feels like when a man is aroused.
You started it & now you want to say no? Don’t be surprised at what happens. If you don’t want sex, I advise you discourage foreplay.

Please note : Guys, this isn’t an excuse to rape. No means No! Control yourself.

3. Stay Safe :
Don’t get drunk when you have no-one to take care of you. Be careful what you drink when you’re out. Don’t walk alone at night. Generally be security conscious.

4. Update Your Judo Skills :
When shit gets real…Judo will save you. self defense will save you. One ‘HIA-CHA’ kick in his groin, let’s see what he’ll use to penetrate.

Heard about the #savemirabel campaign? Mirabel is a rape crisis center that’s about collapsing due to financial problems. Please help save Mirabel. Visit http://www.gofundme.com/savemirabel/donate to donate. Bless you as you do.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Have any advise on how not to get raped? Let’s hear your thoughts & stories.

Have A Safe-Weekend.
Spread Love.

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