I Want To Talk: Diary Of An Introvert In Love

Whatsapp :
Me : I miss you baby, can’t wait to see you. I won’t stop talking, touching and staring at you.

Date Day :
Him : Baby what’s wrong?

Me: Nothing

Him: You’ve been quiet

Me: Because that’s who I’m.


I have been an introvert since birth. My mum proudly tells me stories of how I always run in and lock myself up when we have visitors and how I never had any friend at school.
I won ‘best behaved’ through out school year.

I constantly have people begging me to drop my phone and join in the conversation.
‘You should talk more’
‘You need to be more active’
‘Why are you always on your phone’
‘You are too reserved’.

Its so frustrating getting people to know and understand who you are. Even when its as simple as ‘I’M QUIET’ this is who I’m.

But I have a bigger problem. I’m in love!
How is that a problem? I’ll tell you.

I believe normal couples meet up, have long conversations, laughs, food, fun, selfies and more laughs.

With me, its very different. I don’t laugh as much, I don’t smile when taking pictures (did I mention ‘Him’ is a selfie freak? Always forcing me to smile and take pictures..and I’m like..blehhh), I don’t ‘gist’ or reply to his gists, I just smile and make weird signs which is so discouraging for ‘him’.
His house mates think I’m the greatest snob ever lived. My reply to ‘what do you want to eat’ is always ‘nothing’. I make no reactions during movies….no laughs, sigh, comments…nothing! (Lai se statue). And the only way I know how to show my anger is to be ‘more’ quiet and keep a really intense face. (He HATES it).

I find it funny because really I want to laugh out loud, sing and dance to reggae and blues for him, tell him how much I prefer Anika to Cookie (oh yes Empire fans, Anika is such a classy and intelligent woman. I would pick her everyday over cookie), show him how interesting and fun I can be.
It takes a lot of love and understanding to be with someone like me and thankfully, I have been blessed with someone with so much of it. But to what extent?

Know tips on how to be less introverted? Or you’re an introvert with somewhat similar experience? Tell me all about it in the comment section.
Meanwhile, I’ll implore every introvert out there to get a copy of Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet: The power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking’.

Yours Sincerely,
Introverted Girl in Love.

Have A Talk-Filled Week.
Spread Love.

8 thoughts on “I Want To Talk: Diary Of An Introvert In Love

  1. Lol this is so me and I’m really trying to work on myself, like you said atimes I just want to dance, laugh out loud or do something out of my comfort zone but you know its not that easy but I feel once you have people that understand you especially friends (the ones that are extroverts) hanging out with them can make a difference.Remember life is too short to stay indoors always.;-)


  2. Lucky u.atleast ‘him’ understands.my bf left me bcos of dis introverted atitude of mine,he’s a crazy extrovert.xo it was hard on us,he just couldnt understand why am so withdrawn nd keep to myself always,he complained so much nd left at last.i tried to change but couldnt,its just me! I cant help it.i miss him alot nw but i just hav to move on nd pray i find someone who understands me nd take me 4 who i am.hmmm.*sigh*


  3. HELLO.

    I’m a guy, but I’m told that I’m an introvert, I don’t have much friends as well but I’m fun to be around cos I joke with people I know (after not talking to them for a long time or short while depending on the gender). I want to tell you, it’s not been easy over here, firstly I’m single cos I hardly talk to people especially when it’s a girl I LIKE, men its a no go area for me, I’m reserved……being in love is an issue here oh, I once had a girlfriend only to break up after FEW DAYS, cos I couldn’t cope any longer….I’m in my early twenties so it’s an issue over here, my friends keep telling me that I’m slacking or dulling…..

    abeg make I stop HERE….


  4. Hey guys am also like this and i have tried every possible way of changing to the talking type and d fün craving one, but It dint work,so ive decided live my life the way am created and i Love It.

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  5. Lol, totally relate-able! I’m an introvert as well and it could be really tough when am around someone I like (because I really want to show how fun I can be but my head won’t allow me) Lol. That said, I’ve discovered I can be really free around my very close friends. This sure took time to build but it gives the assurance that someday I’ll grow to that place where I can be myself and he’ll understand and accept me. Gee! I just wrote an epistle. Lol.
    PS: your blog is awesome! ❤


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