Money Matter


Who hasn’t gotten his/her bank verification number?
I happen to be part of the lazy procrastinators who are yet to get that done. Like every lazy man out there, I have an excuse everyday and every other day.

The last time I tried to get it done was june or july 30th? It was the first deadline.
I woke up very early, tried to get to the bank in time for their opening hours. I was hoping to be the first, so I could do it and get home sharply,
I can remember getting to the bank 8:01 and what my eyes beheld was way more than my imagination could create.
Over 1,000 people stood in front of GT bank. Screaming, pushing, struggling.
Mahn, I was like ‘WTH?’ I laughed sooo hard.

Eni de ma ni deadline’ a woman behind me said. My laughter was cut shot after hearing those words. I knew I had to get in. I knew I couldn’t stand and wait to go in after 50people (yeah I exaggerated with the 1,000. But isn’t 50 almost 1…? Ugh).

I skipped the queue and went straight to the front. As I approached…’Don’t go and line up o, There’s no space here o, Fine girl no dey line up na’. Different comments…I couldn’t even be bothered. I just stood plotting my next move.

About 10mins later, the police came. Tried to put in orderliness, they formed a single line and smartly I put myself in the front. The guy behind me tried shouting, but I shut him up with a wink. ‘Thank God, finally’ I said as I pressed the green button to make my way in.

And behold! The crowd inside by assumption, was 16% more than what was outside. I knew I wasn’t going to go through that. Stand for 4-5 more hours? No, please.

Going out was another struggle. Everyone outside wanted to get in. Anyway, I went to the ATM and withdrew everything I had with the bank. (Should they want to block the account like they said)(My money was withdraw-able in a day, this broke life…sorryyy).
I took my money and went home to sleep. I woke up to the news that it had been extended till oct 30th. ‘Thank God I didn’t bother killing myself in that bank. I’ll definitely get it done before then’ and here I still am.

By the way, am I the only one GTB has been billing unnecessarily? I get debited for everything. ‘Gens transaction alert’ and I’ll be dad has finally remembered his lost child till I see ‘debit alert’. #20, #70, #65 and its frequent. I made a complain and the customer care said I’m billed for sms and email charges and also different customers I.e when I use another bank’s ATM. They also make it a struggle before giving out withdrawal slips…I should cry before you allow me withdraw my own money again? And that other charge for card maintenance. What does that even mean?

Why should I bank with you when I get no benefits? I’m considering changing banks again (I was formerly with first then zenith…TORTURE).

I love everything Diamond is doing especially their support for women. I attended a workshop in may sponsored by Diamond Woman and I got to open an account with them but I haven’t been reached back. And I’m also skeptical, you know…all that glitters isn’t gold.

Who do you bank with? Do you get benefits? Please let me know, so I can make my decision whether to continue with GTB or port to something better. Or maybe I should just save under my bed.

4 thoughts on “Money Matter

    1. You got a good advise o. Wouldn’t want to spoil anybody’s market but honsetly, GTB is annoying. Access is quite cool but there is something that just doesn’t freak me about them. Will check them out tho. No account? Are you about this broke life too? Lol


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