A Walking Dream


had that dream again. I saw Mama walking . . . more like creeping.

Mama can’t walk. When Mummy brought me to the village to stay with Mama for christmas, I was agitated. January came, then february, march, april . . . Its November and I still await Mummy.

Mama is old and crippled. Though with bright eyes and shiny teeth. Unlike her friends that come visiting, Mama is big and you can tell she was a model of beauty in her youthful days.
Her huge breasts, though fallen, were still bouncy.

During the day, I walk Mama to the church in her wheelchair. She is a chorister and a soon to be deaconess. How a woman that old can sing amazes me. Mama doesn’t just sing. She moves buildings, Mama’s voice makes the church members shiver.

At night, I dream. Same one every night. I always see Mama walking out. Her huge frame forms before me, right before she steps out.

Earlier today, I went to Papa Ushogu’s house. I asked him to prepare me some herbs that will keep me awake all through the night. Without asking why, he mixed me some whitish substance with lime and honey. I drank right there and sprinted home.

Wide awake. For some reason, I always thought the dream was real. I squeezed myself into my wrapper leaving an opening. I miss Mummy everyday and pretty, my little sister, I always wonder if she can run and talk now. I kissed her goodbye last december when she could barely sit. She was….

Then I saw it. Mama’s huge legs were right before me. She stood before my bed. I wanted to rip my wrapper off and scream, but I was too scared to.

I heard her walk slowly out of the room. My teeth clenched onto each other as my body vibrated. I am almost quenched with fear. But I follow behind her.

I slapped myself more than once to be sure I was not dreaming again. Mama walking? How? Why has she been pretending all these while? Where does she?? . . .

Still ahead of me, Mama began to take her clothes off. Robe, scarf and finally wrapper. She hung them on the tree behind Papa Usogu’s house. Her naked body wasn’t a surprise to me. As its my duty to see her naked every morning and evenings. I bathed a lame walking woman. I bath. . .

Mama began to run. . .her buttocks trembling with every step. And her breast slapping against her chest. I trailed behind her. As she approached the big field close to the village square, she began to sing.

Then I saw them. . . All of them. Old. . .young . . .naked. They gathered around in threes. Soon as Mama came into view. They all stood up and sang along with her.

‘You are welcome’ I heard a throaty voice say behind me.

Turning around, I see Papa Ushogu and the village pastor.

‘We have a new member!’ They both screamed. As they yanked me off to the field.

‘Hee Hee Heee Heeeeee Heeee’ the sound of the noises they made.

Papa Ushogu forced a sour tasting substance into my mouth as Mama took off my wrapper.

I began to feel dizzy. I felt my body weaken. And right before my eyes closed. I think I saw Mummy. ‘Sleep my child, you’re now a woman’ she said.

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