My Valentine Story

I can remember the first time I was “valed”. In primary three, I think. It was a day to valentine and our teacher rolled everyone’s name into different pieces of papers and we were asked to choose one. Whoever’s name you choose is your val and you are expected to get a gift for the other.

I was lucky to meet my Mum with the vals news in her very good mood . .so she went out, bought me ‘water game‘ (the one with numerous little rings that you shook with the water to get them into the ropes) and a pack of colours.

I got to school and behold! My val got me a white handkerchief and a box of pringles. It wasn’t so bad, since I saw some other people gifting their vals with pencil and sharpener. I was tempted to eat the pringles in school, but I wouldn’t dare! My mum is Nigerian, and Nigerian mothers always have to sanctify the food before their children ate em (drama queens).

And after that, I got “valed” again, when I was 14. By my then ‘Bobo‘, he got me a pink pack of perfume, body spray and teddy bear.


It was really cool and all but he broke up with me days after, because I refused to hold hands with him. Oh well!

And since then . . .since then . . . since then . . .I really haven’t been “valed”. I am either in a long distance relationship, or with a boo that doesn’t believe in vals (nah man, you just stingy).

Year after Year, I keep waiting to break my valentine non-gifting jinx. And I envision a great breakthrough. . .next year (Can I get an Amen?). Although, I got a gift yesterday, I don’t consider it a vals gift. Maybe cos it didn’t come as a surprise and I got to choose the gift or maybe cos it came a day earlier or maybe cos it wasn’t . . .or maybe I’m just being petty. Its a bottle of Beyonce pulse, I used it some years back and I was ecstatic to see it again yesterday and he decided to get it for me. End of story!

Anyway, how are you spending your valentine? Want suggestions?

Are you single? – Grab a bowl of ice cream and a bucket of kfc, I know a lot of people will advise you to stay off social media, but its okayyy, just grab a pack of tissue,  place it beside you and stalk instagram!!!

Have A BF and Don’t know what to get him? – Getting a gift for a guy is usually a challenge as guyz stuff tend to be really expensive. I viewed jumia for men’s shoes and the first one I saw was from ‘Mr Zenith’ 30,000. I closed it immediately, but there are also affordable shoes ranging from 4,000 – 20,000. I particularly like this Goodnews brogue shoes,

its gorgeous and inexpensive.  A perfume, shirt or belt isn’t a bad idea either. Ladies, please note – boxers and singlet is so 2010.

Have A GF? – Let me speak for myself, if I was your gf. . .this is how I want my vals day to be like. Text me in the morning to have breakfast at a fancy cafe, tell me how much you love me and how you consider yourself lucky to spend today with me (I’ll do the same). Then, take me to the spa, where I get to be pampered. Getting home, I should meet a bouquet of fresh roses and a cake! waiting for me right in front of my door. I’ll plan an indoor romantic dinner for us.

And at the end of it all, you gift me with my LG G4 that I seem to love too much. I don’t ask for see.

In A Long Distance Relationship? – that’s not an excuse! DHL, EMS, Post it, Konga, Jumia, Deal dey, get him/her something and stop making excuses! (Stop lying, . .why are you always lying).

No Money? – the situation of the country is heartbreaking so I can believe when you say ‘I want to get her something, but i’m dead broke‘. That’s fine, there’s still so much you can do for that one you love. Like they say, its the thought that counts. Cook for him/her and plan a picnic, personalize a large frame with loving written words from you, how about a jar of love notes (old school but still beautiful), a scarf for her, like me ; I’m a scarf lover, get me a hot colour pallete and I’m yours forever. Is she a naturalista? Easy, get her natural hair products, she can never had too many. He loves music? Headphones,
She loves to read? Get her a book. I will suggest Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss. . .its a GoodRead.

After all being said, let’s not forget what valentine is really about ; showing love. Smile to that stranger on the street, give that little girl that sells oranges a tip, gift that beggar on the street a shirt, call Mama and Papa to show love.
I will be spending my vals at home, Cleaning and making an effort rearrange my room, do some reading and peep into social media when I can.
How about you?

Have an unending gift-love filled Day.
Spread Love, everyday.

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