Back To Space

Joselyn held out her hands to feel just what her eyes beheld. It was like she never saw….and like she never felt.
            Nature at its finest.
          Dreamland of its best.

And when the moment is over. She shall find her way back to reality.

Hi You all! Just like Joselyn, I am finding my way not to reality anyway (never left that side). But rather to my Love. . .My favorite space. . .Yes! My blog!

I took a break to focus on other things beckoning in the real world. My sincere apologies to everyone who checked up and saw nothing new….You know how they say it….I’m back & better!

Let me introduce you to things I have been up to on the internet when I wasn’t on here.



This is a web-based multilingual platform for creative writing.

I’m a moderator and content creator on this site. And basically, this is how it works.
A moderator starts a storyline with a first scene (which is not more than 500words). Then power users (which are writers) get to contribute i.e continue the story (scene 2) ,
the moderator/regular users get to vote for the best scene which will be validated. The the third scene continues…..until we have maybe 10 scenes? Or even more.
But the aim is to create great novels and movie scripts.
Are you a writer and you want to get published? Visit

Or maybe you a writer and too lazy to write a book on your own? caters for that. We have a pool of professional writers ready to work with you.

Or you just love to read stories, poetry… it is. The website has over 10 forums (Romance, crime, comedy, horror


even the children are not left out).

So visit and register as either a power user (writer) or regular user (reader/voter).

It’s entirely new. But I do have great plans for this blog. It’s a minna-based lifestyle blog that will showcase the beautiful city of Minna. Tourist sites, the fashion, the people, events, outlets, restaurants, hotels, sme’s and every other minna stuff! Who knows, it could someday become an online directory for the city.
So look out for #MadeInMinna . We are coming!

Presenter, program creator & script writer on the N01 campus radio in Nigeria, and yes we do have an app. Find us on Google play store.

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