I Delivered A Baby Girl!

I tripped as I saw the water flow to the ground. And for the first time, I truly understood what that famous line ‘My water just broke’ meant.  It’s a moment never planned for. My first thought was to scream for help. . .Google what to do. . .or just scream push?! That! I always thought was the motivational or maybe magical word babies hear and they come sprinting out like ‘kpuffff’ okay…‘kpuffff’ would have been perfect if it was that easy. But they come out slowly..if it had a sound, it will be something like…ummm…I don’t know. . .and that really could be the moment of your life. And by moment of your life. . .there are two things involved. 

Either you are overjoyed that He. . .she. . .or they are finally here. Or you’re in the most pain that you have ever felt in your life and right there, you know you’ll never forget that moment.

She is coming!’ I heard my Aunt scream while I was in the kitchen still trying to decide which mop I wanted to use in cleaning the floor.
I paced to the bedroom…there she was…lying in the pool of water, legs widely opened and right then…and there. . .I saw the head of the child. I ran outside and started screaming for help.

‘Come back here you coward’
I heard her shout from the room….I was trapped for real, I realized. 

I stepped in and she was dripping with sweat….I honestly still wonder where the midwife in me came from…I immediately transformed into a super hero right after saying a short prayer ‘God please save me’. How narcissist! I was praying for myself, instead of the poor woman lying in pain…
Anyway, I moved closer and encouraged her to pushhhhhhh….and at the first trial….the baby was out.

I closed my eyes and pulled her out.
She felt really big for a little born…I placed her on the already arranged wrapper on the floor…eyes still closed.

I heard a knock on the door and happily rushed to get it
‘Help at last’
What is wrong? I heard you screaming before’ Mrs Frimpong, my aunt’s next door neighbor called out as I opened the door.

And you are just coming? Nigerian police!’ I wanted to say. But the sharp sound of the baby’s cry ‘Wuaaaaaaa wua wu wu wuaaaaaa’ put us both in a sprint.

And all through the night. . .I stayed up having only one regret. . . I didn’t record the process. It would have been a masterpiece I thought.

Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped out of Pre-med. . .perhaps I would have made a fine doctor. (I seriously doubt).

A woman, is the strongest creature ever made. 

Spread Love. Not Legs!

Ummm….you know what I mean.

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