Left-handed Not Disable.

​You switch the blue pen to your right hand. You remember how Uncle Oyinbo blocked the cane Mummy held out to break your left hand yesterday. The mark from the cane – session on tuesday still left a mark.

You struggle to steady the pen in your hands. . .the writing on the paper seems quite too ugly compared to your writing in left.

Mummy said its only the devil’s children that wrote and ate with their left hands. But one time, before she resigned from that school where she said all the students were possessed, you saw her in her room. . .writing. . .and she was using her left hand.

Were you born left handed? And crucified for it?

I was.

Every assignment session was a bitter experience and that was every night!
change your hand! I said change it!“And the next thing...’twai!’
On the back, hand, lap…wherever the cane meets you mehn.

I remember staying up late trying to practice using my right hand properly as early as age 6. My handwriting was so tiny and timid almost as I was. I had to rewrite notes and sometimes examz.

I caught up eventually and I did that excellently….(for writing), that is.

So many years after, I still write with my right and eat ofcourse. But guess what? That’s all to it. I wash, draw, sweep and do everyother thing with my left hand.
It all seems fine untilI ‘enter’ Lagos market and unconsciously stretch out money to this Yoruba woman for goods I bought. . .and she keeps still, giving me ‘the eye’. 

‘Madam take your money nau’ 

And she launches her missile…’e ma fi owo osi fu Mi lowo. Ni tori olorun, no curse me this early Morning, if you no want buy abeg carry your evil sprit comot from my shop’ 

The hand God gave us all?

And like nature wanted to play a fast one on my mum. . .my younger brother and sister are both lefthanded. They tried to change them but gave up after little attempt. She had exhausted all her strength on me.

Being lefthanded is not a disability. We are different. And being different is OKAY! Why are we too scared of CHANGE?

Actually, left handed people are perceived to be intelligent and talented. True that!
Desmond Elliot, Uhuru Kenyatta, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Albert freaking Einstein, Oprah Winfrey and so many others are/was lefthanded.

Different not Disable.

Spread Love.

Did you have a similar experience? or your parents just let you go with the lefthanded flow?

And yes! I would like to know…is there something really bad about the left hand or is it all just superstition?
Collecting/giving money with the left hand is bad luck. . .myth or fact?

7 thoughts on “Left-handed Not Disable.

  1. This left had thing is just funny and sometimes I feel like it’s lack of what to critique someone for. Nothing wrong with being left handed; I’m right handed but TBH I admire people who can write with their left or use their left for anything. Maybe because I can’t use my left hand for nothing. Anyways love your post ❤️❤️


  2. Well the left handed thingy I think it’s just a Nigerian or African thingy. And it’s sad it’s been imbibed in our culture and tradition as well. I think left handed people are cool and very artistic and creative as well. But hey it just a one man opinion. Nice piece


  3. first i just have to pause and laugh out loud, from “uncle oyinbo to market woman got me rolling in the floor…so back to my opinion about being left handed. i do not see it as being disabled in anyway. its just the part of the world where we find our self(s). doing things with your left hand is often perceived as a disrespect to your elder. QS: My Dad happens to be left handed and i followed suit in some operations(excluding writing) but my mum always saw it as a disrespect when ever she asked me to do something, and i did it with my left hand. she would say i was indirectly telling her i didnt want to do what she asked me to. buh over time she found out it was in the gene, and so i was left alone. so being left handed to me is Gods way of telling man that HE is in charge and not a disability neither does it mean you are bad mannered as my mum thought.


  4. Wasn’t really crucified at home due to my dad who objected to my mum’s plan of changing me to using my right hand. Due to peer discrimination, I changed to my right hand about 4 times thereabout and after much thought, went back to my left hand. The neighbours around couldn’t just get tired of beating me as it was a form of disrespect to use the left hand. At a point in my life, I couldn’t or wouldn’t eat in public due to the inhumane treatment poised towards me cos I was disrespecting my elders (even now I find it hard to eat in public). Maybe because most of them were yorubas and even in church I could not give tithe and offering with left hand cos they said it’s disrespect to God. I just feel most people who discriminate left handed people have not drawn the line between tradition and norms, ethics


  5. This is so beautifully written. I wasn’t that child that uses left hand but I was that one that always has an opinion about everything, which isn’t really a good thing in an African home. I was nicknamed radio without battery.


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