Liebster Award

​I was nominated for liebster award by my beautiful friend, Diana of reverberatingthoughts❤.

Liebster Award is a blogger award, and it’s a way of promoting and recognizing fellow bloggers for their efforts and accomplishments in being a blogger.

Funny, I don’t even think of myself as a blogger, I just have a blog. Does that make any sense? I don’t think so.
Anyway, thank you for the nomination Diana.

Accepting the award comes with a set of RULES :
1. Give a brief story of how you started blogging.

2. Give advice to your fellow bloggers.

3. Write 3 fun facts about you.

4. Nominate some bloggers for the award and let them know.

1. How I started blogging?

Umm. . .after a heartbreak💔. Yeah! I was heartbroken & I was looking for a distraction, a new thing to keep me going. I needed something. . .somewhere to channel the anger I felt into something productive. I stumbled on blogging & I thought...’why not?’.
2. Advice.

Keep writing, keep blogging, keep sharing, keep being you. Write about what you love, read other blogs, network! network! network! And yeah…invest in a good camera👌, if you take pictures.

3. Fun Facts about me!

  •  I believe in miracles. 

I recently used my life savings to get a phone, it was cool and all until a week after, I bumped into some guy & the next sound I heard was from my phone, lying close to dead on the floor:|. . .staring at me with pity😟. I picked it up and saw a long Crack. ..‘it’s just the screen guard’ I encouraged myself, behold! It was the screen too! And up till now, I wake up every morning with a prayer, waiting for that miracle that will fix my screen. Coz I ain’t got no damn 3ok to fix no gaddamn phone!
#LessonOfTheDay – Don’t buy expensive phones. Stick to Palasa.

  • I am Serena Williams Jnr. 

My fav sport is tennis. But I’ve played it only once😛 & I don’t know how but I know there’s a Serena Williams inside me. 

  •  I am the best roommate you could ever have. 

Apart from the fact that I will wake u up before 6 everyday😪, & that you might see me only three times a week or that I may always sleep off when we watch movies, & that I might bother you alot with my amazing singing(coughs) voice,
Apart from these I really am the best roommate you could ever have. As I could be so restless which means you won’t have to worry about chores…naa…don’t worry, I got you covered. And yes! I love to cook & I bake alot too💂!


I nominate Ifeoma of whowhatfab -Beautiful blogger! Great pictures! And I am so jealous of her thrifts.

I also Nominate Dixon of Philoffiction – Dr Search himself! Bag of wisdom and psychology here. Visit his blog with your I.Q in check.

And Amrah – Vibrant personality,  Beautiful poet. 

Soo Yeah! That’s it on liebster. Thanks once again for the nomination, Diana

Spread Love. . .and be a Liebster to someone. Read ‘Liebster’ means sweetest, dearest, beloved, boyfriend etc in french! ❤❤❤

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